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At Fireroom, we redefine dining. Step into a world where each bite is an extraordinary journey, and each dish is a symphony of flavours. Ignite your senses and elevate your dining experience to the extraordinary.
Step into our newest location - Fireroom Hazelwood at Village Walk
Fireroom Village Walk
Step into a Culinary Wonderland at Fireroom Montecasino
Fireroom Montecasino
Indulge in Culinary Brilliance at Fireroom Bedfordview
Fireroom Bedforview
Castle Gate
Embark on a Flavour Adventure at Fireroom Castle Gate
Fireroom Castle Gate
Unveil a Symphony of Flavours at Fireroom Zimbali
Fireroom Zimbali
Mall of Africa
Awaken Your Senses at Fireroom Mall of Africa
Fireroom Mall of Africa
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A Taste of Adventure & Quality in Every Bite

Embark on a journey of extraordinary flavours as you explore our curated selection of cigars, whisky, and innovative blends. Our chef eagerly awaits the opportunity to collaborate with you on crafting your very own 'Signature Dish,' a culinary masterpiece that reflects your unique tastes.
Fireroom Steak

The Fusion Experience

We celebrate the art of fusion cuisine, blending traditions, techniques, and tastes into dishes that are as astonishingly remarkable as they are delicious. Dive into the fire of the unexplored and satisfy your yearning for intense, unforgettable dining experiences.
About Fireroom

Ignite Your Fire & Join the Culinary Revolution

Our gallery is a visual feast that captures the essence of Fireroom. From our visually stunning dishes to the vibrant atmosphere, each image is a glimpse into the extraordinary experiences that await you. Come, be a part of our culinary revolution.
Rusaro Else
May 28, 2024

Love the aesthetic. Steak was perfectly cooked and the mash potatoes were absolutely delicious

We had a great experience and our Waitress was sweet and understanding she helped us and she kept a smile on her face through out the whole service and Her name Is Contsance the Restaurant is really blessed to have her as a waitress I really loved her and her energy

May 26, 2024

Fire room has always been the expensive place we walk past when we're at Monte, and we fantasize about going inside and giving it a try. Our 5 year anniversary rolled around so we decided that warranted going to Fire Room. They sat us on this tiny cramped balcony. At first I thought of it as a romantic little nook, but soon realized the downside as our waiter would often forget about us out there and we waited quite long in between orders. He was a bit inattentive, and his service was average. Starters we had the chicken bao buns, and the prawn fire roll to share. The Bao buns were a let down, very basic and one dimensional. But the prawn fire roll however was out of this world. We just dipped the bao buns in the prawn fire roll sauce left on the plate and that made them delicious! Mains we had a teriyaki salmon poke bowl 10/10, beef teriyaki sushi 10/10, and rock shrimp tempura 11/10! All very very good. With our strawberry and Nutella pancake, I was impressed by the fire show put on for us, but disappointed because the crepe was drowned in strawberry syrup, we couldn't taste the mascarpone cheese or Nutella, it was overwhelmingly sweet and reminiscent of the children's strawberry panado cough syrup. I think it could have been amazing had there been less syrup and perhaps a different taste to the syrup.

Mpho Molefe
May 25, 2024

Absolutely beautiful 😍

Nicole Scrimnger
May 24, 2024

Wonderful experience! One of the best Firerooms.